Pinning a tail on the donkey

And that donkey, dear friends, today is me. Never assume … because that makes an Ass of U and Me … that when you text and type and tweet and take off on someone or something, that you’ve reached your target audience. Because sometimes you reach a wider audience that you supposed. Back to the safety of The Daily Ruckus!

What does Made in the U.S.A. mean to you? Does it sound like the chorus of a country song, or a slogan that is so out-of-date in 2012? It shouldn’t — we need manufacturing jobs in the U.S. if we’re ever to have a cadre of well-paying jobs again. Last year when Starbucks launched the Create Jobs for USA, I bought a wrist bracelet and send it to my fashionista along with a Starbucks card. Imagine my pleasure to read in  the Sonoma Press Democrat on Saturday about a ceramics manufacturer who saved a moribund factory in Ohio. Great story by

There’s a saying — “Don’t leave before the Miracle Happens” and I was reminded of that yesterday. The Oakland A’s faced their cross-bay rivals, the SF Giants and they lost Friday and Saturday and it sure looked like they were on their way to lose Sunday too. Bottom of the ninth, two out, Giants ahead by one — I couldn’t take it any more so I turned off the game. Mistake! Rookies saved the day and next time, I’ll wait to see the miracle with my own eyes! Go A’s!

Big sigh — why do I have to read AGAIN about to whom one has to curtsy if one is a member of the British royal family. It’s not that complicated. There are two different issues: the curtsy — if you have a HRH in front of your name, you only have to curtsy to the Queen and well, let’s include the Duke of Edinburgh because we want him around for a long time. That’s it. And foreign royals who out rank you but that’s a story for another day. Precedent is a different kettle of fish. In a nutshell, think if you’re at a wedding. There’s an order for who goes down the aisle and in what order. Pre-ordained and certainly not personal. Same with the royals. IF you are with your royal hubby, you walk down the aisle, say at a prayer service at St. Paul’s Cathedral, according to his position in the list of heirs to the throne. If he’s not there that day, your position changes. And yes, the Queen can change the list but it’s pretty straightforward. Check out what Debretts has to say — it’s a good place to start. And it’s nothing to do with a curtsy!


One comment on “Pinning a tail on the donkey

    25 June 2012

    Thank you for the link to the story about the ceramics factory, I enjoyed that one. And amen on the Debretts idea, I cannot believe how many places have reprinted the moronic (and erroneous) info in the original story!

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