On the fly

If The Daily Ruckus is going to be a sort of warm-up exercise before I get down to the bizness of writing for realz, maybe I “should” be writing it before 1pm. Ah, but this is a “shoulds” free blog so not to worry.

Barbours and bath salts have been on my mind. Why do folks keep getting their knickers in a twist about the cost of the Duchess of Cambridge’s outer-wear? Speaking as the mother, daughter, aunt, niece and grand-niece of geologists, the money you spend on your gear is always worth it. Do you want to be dry or wet? Do you want to  wear something that can be repaired, that has a lifetime guarantee — then you buy the “best” (and best doesn’t mean most expensive or most fashionable). Another thing, when you buy something that costs a lot, divide the cost by the number of wears. Who doesn’t know this? So where do bath salts fit it? They don’t —  but I follow someone who brought them up in a head-confusuled ebook context (since salts are smoked these fine days) and that reminded me once again how annoyed I was when bath salts disappeared from the shelves. Seriously, you want to get high, get your own junk!

I can’t imagine anyone is reading this blog that doesn’t know about the wonders of What Kate Wore but just in case, no need to refresh your screen a 1,000x if there’s a royal happening. Just let WKW take care of it! Worth reading just for the comments. Those ladies have O*Pin*Yuns!!

I made homemade pizza last night and forgot to put it on the pizza stone. Let that be a warning — you gotta add reminders to cookbooks lest you forget. Because pizza stones bring the crisp. And Christmas, you have to get up pretty early in the morning not to be ripped off these days. I bought a bag of white sugar and put it in the ancient plastic Tupperware container and remarked to myself, no spillage. Go you … BUT … bags of sugar are not what they were: instead of the traditional 5lb bag, the fine print said 4lb. Bet the price didn’t go down.

Having a fairly productive day and I attribute that partially to music. I’m playing the shut-your-eyes and grab for a cd game. So far, Kate and Anna McGarrigle (album of that name), Waiting for the Night (The Freddy Jones Band) and Rush Hour (Wesley Willis). Willis has to be heard to be believed. Rock over London, rock on Chicago. He really is a crazy singer.


One comment on “On the fly

    19 June 2012

    Food for thought….one of my blogs generally publishes mid-afternoon, and a number of readers say they appreciate getting one in the afternoon that is fresh, there are so many that come out in the morning they can get overwhelmed.

    Many thanks for the kind shout-out!

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