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The fictional Pollyanna got on a lot of people’s nerves. Always looking on the bright side, trying to see the best in people, being cheery instead of k’vetching. See how annoying that is? But last night when I saw the outpouring of disgust over the upcoming Erotic Jane Eyre saga, and the usual suspects being blamed, I thought right, more Whips and Chains. Whips and chains. Or maybe WIPs and Change. I could get all bent out of shape and mutter madly that if you don’t like it, don’t read it, or I could read a WIP, if I’m lucky enough to have one at hand. So that would be a change in my regularly scheduled behaviour. This is sounding a bit Pollyannish. Still think I’ll try it on for size.

If I have something to do that has a deadline attached, a lot of things get done in my house. Take today for instance. I have a time-sensitive piece of writing — it’s half-written in my head already — so am I writing/polishing/editing/sending? Well, not quite … instead I have made cookies (so that I can give my cleaning guy some cookies for his little guy, I’ve searched for the T.S.P. (again, pre-cleaning for the cleaning expert, hmmm), and I’ve made spaghetti sauce in the crock pot (that crock pot hasn’t been out of the drawer for a long time). I don’t like deadlines.

How much of what the younger members of the royal family do is provide a good example? Victoria ArbiterVictoria Arbiter@victoriaarbiter

On June 17th Kate will meet children from ARK’s King Solomon Academy Primary taking part in an outdoor residential course in Kent.

Kate will help the children build an outdoor shelter + campfire. She’ll also join in with the cooking and other outdoor activities.

Like Kate taking part in an outdoor ed programme. It’s a Sunday, so that’s her weekend and as I recall, her Scout involvement is not as a troop leader but as a volunteer helper. I’ve read that scouting is in trouble because not enough adults take part, so this is a show not tell way for her to demonstrate some low-key leadership. Note: ABC’s @victoriaarbiter is a good person to follow for accurate insider royal stories.


A crisis on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine. I’m sure I’ve mucked up that saying royally but it’s close enough for government work. The thing is, is it true. Can any parent ever say that? I remember seeing that saying at a local Ship ‘n Mail that’s now out of business. As you can imagine, people were always coming through the doors, freaking out and worrying about getting their stuff shipped. On time. The guy who owned the place was so darn phlegmatic. Gotta practice that zen approach.


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