Why are the protags of so many new (as in 2011/2012ish) YA protags so immature? One of my favourite books is Friends and Lovers by Helen MacInnes. The Kirkus review doesn’t do it justice but even the criticisms point me in the direction of why I like it. It’s a way-back book (maybe written in the Fifties) but does love and starting a life change that much?

What a muddled typically Guardian post. “Are royals propping up charities or are the charities propping up the royals?” Isn’t this a what came first, the chicken or the egg kind of question? Charities benefit and so do the royals. Especially the princes, William and Harry, with their deep concerns for Africa, are setting a new course for their charitable endeavours. They seem to be working with their charities to get the maximum exposure and money possible. I’m willing to suspend judgment.

Stayed up until the wee hours to finish Almost Perfect by Judith McNaught. Well, they don’t write books like that anymore (517 pages!). Love made Ian and Elizabeth do some very stupid things and there were enough misunderstandings to sink the book, at least a couple of times. That popular term “agency” kept popping up in my head — what did they both bring to the relationship? How did their strengths often masquerade as weaknesses *cough* stubbornness!

Time to send off your Barbours if you want them back for the rainy fall. They do such an amazing job and if you’re part of the wear it out/fix it up/repair don’t buy new crowd, then you’ll already have this on your to-do-list.

My mum emailed me with some health news that was unexpected and unnerving. So my question: she called me, the only daughter. Shouldn’t I encourage her to reach out to my 2 bros too?




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