Neither Five Nor Three

I don’t know that I can come up with five items for my inaugural blog so I’m hedging my bets a little. Sometimes it takes a retrospective eye to understand the themes that prevail in a person’s blogging history but I sense for me that won’t be true. I already know … so with the clear understanding that I might change my mind a 1,000 times, I intend to write about:

* my book (or books) on hand and some passing thoughts about them

* something I’m trying to ferret out or understand in romlandia

* what’s up with those fascinating Royals, plus I’ll try to go back in time to gain some perspective

* last, but not least, my wider world … is it shrinking or enlarging? What’s popping for me?


One comment on “Neither Five Nor Three

  1. Tempest N. A. Teapot
    12 June 2012

    I love this!! Congratulations on starting a blog, Janet Ruckus. Oh, and say hi to your cousin, Annabeth Kerfluffle. LOL

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